We are Omaha bankruptcy attorneys near you located at 3006 South 87th Street, Omaha, NE 68124, just one block South of 87th & West Center Road.

For over 27 years Sam Turco has handled all types of Nebraska bankruptcy cases, including:

  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 13
  • Chapter 11
  • Bankruptcy Adversary Cases

Does it really matter if the attorney you choose is on Omaha?

Bankruptcy is a federal court case and the local county courthouse does not handle bankruptcy cases. There are only two federal bankruptcy judges serving all of Nebraska, with courthouses in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska.

Sam Turco Law handles bankruptcy cases in all 93 Nebraska counties. Why?  Because bankruptcy is a specialized practice of law and only a handful of attorneys in Nebraska handle bankruptcy cases.

So does it matter where your attorney is located?  Thirty years ago that answer may have been yes.  At that time a key qualification was whether the attorney hired appeared routinely before the Omaha bankruptcy trustees.  But today things are different.  There is no such thing as an Omaha bankruptcy trustee or a Lincoln, Nebraska  bankruptcy trustee.

Under the new system of rotation, all chapter 7 trustee’s are assigned randomly to cases throughout the entire state of Nebraska. This is especially true during the COVID-19 episode and where all trustee meetings are conducted over the telephone.

So is it better to hire an Omaha attorney to represent you in an Omaha bankruptcy case?  Today that answer is no.  Hire the best qualified attorney, regardless of where they are located.

What factors should you consider in hiring an Omaha bankruptcy attorney?

  • Experience.  The number one factor in hiring an Omaha bankruptcy attorney is experience. Have they handled enough cases? Do they only handle chapter 7 cases, or do they also represent clients in Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 matters?
  • Success Rate.  Over 99% of Sam Turco Law’s chapter 7 cases are completed successfully.  Over 70% of our Chapter 13 cases (3 to 5 year payment plans) resulted in a discharge, which is nearly double the national average.
  • Access to Attorney & Staff;  Unlike most bankruptcy firms, Sam Turco Law believes that clients should not be shuffled through a bankruptcy mill and treated as if they were on an assembly line.  We assign one attorney and one paralegal to every case, from beginning to end.  You know what attorney/paralegal team is assigned to your case from day one.
  • Technology.  Our firm is on the leading edge of legal technology.  During the COVID-19 crisis, our office did not close for a single day–not even a single hour. All of our attorneys and staff are able to handle cases from the office or at home.  We invest in highly secure computer systems to keep your data safe and we utilize multiple backup systems to recover information when disaster strikes.
  • Focus on Bankruptcy.  Our team of attorneys focus on just one area of law: Bankruptcy.  We do not handle divorce cases or criminal matters or injury cases. We are 100% focused on debt resolution cases.
  • Other  Debt Solutions.  With some firms, every new client they meet is a bankruptcy case.  Our approach is different. Our job is to get you out of debt, not to sell you a bankruptcy case.  Sometimes debt settlement is a better option. Sometimes consumer credit counseling repayment plans are preferred. Sometimes a self-directed payment plan is best. Our mission is to review your financial situation and then design the best solution for your financial problems. We walk through each financial solution and help you evaluate which solution offers the best chance of success.  Avoid attorneys who fail to walk you through all your possible debt solutions.
  • Helpful Website.  This website is designed to be a resource for those in debt. You will find helpful articles, forms and guidance.  If a lawyer is too lazy to put useful information on their website, how likely are they to be of more assistance in person?
  • Office Dog.  Yes, for those who enjoy the comfort provided by a furry friend, our office dog, Luna, is ready to help.