A Letter to Stop Debt Collectors from Calling

Those phone calls never stop. When you default on paying your bills, the bill collectors call and call and call. It's enough to drive you mad. Frequently we file bankruptcy cases for elderly clients living on protected Social Security income. They don't have to file a...

How Will Bankruptcy Affect My Credit Score?

Everyone knows that filing bankruptcy will have a negative affect on your credit report, but how long does that last? How bad is it? There is no one simple answer to this question.  Filing bankruptcy effects everyone differently since each credit file is unique. In...

Budgeting Basics: What we have learned so far.

Getting on the Same Page When you tell your spouse you want to chat about the family budget, the translation is that you want to have a fight. Understand that reaction and plan for it. Don't expect to agree on a budget in one day. This is a process and it requires...

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