Responding to a Nebraska Court Summons

What should you do if you receive a court summons in Nebraska? The answer is simple: file a Written Response to the lawsuit within 30 days with the Clerk of the Court.

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If you fail to fail to respond to a court summons within 30 days of receiving the lawsuit papers, the creditor may apply for a Default Judgment. Filing a written response to the clerk of the court within 30 days prevents a default judgment from being entered. Judgments are destructive. They give creditors the power to garnish up to 25% of your paycheck and all of your bank account. Many people are under the false impression that the court will set a hearing for you to come and tell your side of the story when you are sued.

That is false. Unless you file a written response with the court, there will be no hearing. Should you file a response if you agree that you owe the money? YES! There are many reasons to respond, even if you agree that you owe the debt. Perhaps you agree that you owe a debt, but do you agree that the debt is correctly calculated? Has the debtor run up the balance? Perhaps you just need time to pay off the debt or to reach a fair settlement. By filing a written response you delay the entry of a judgment so you can pay or settle the debt. Your credit rating will fall if a judgment is entered against you. File a response to keep default judgments off your credit report.