Bankruptcy Court Hearing

Every person who files bankruptcy in Nebraska must attend a court hearing that takes place about 30 days after the case is filed. We call these hearing the Meeting of Creditors or the "341 Hearing" (named after Section 341 of the Bankruptcy Code). The bankruptcy trustee will interview about 50 to 60 debtors on a typical hearing day. The court will schedule 8 to 10 hears per half-hour. So, the average hearing lasts about 2 to 3 minutes, although more complicated cases may require a longer session. The hearing serve two basic purposes. First, the court needs to verify the identity of the debtor by viewing photo identification and proof of their Social Security Number. Second, the trustee will ask the debtor under oath to state whether they listed all of their debts, property, income and expenses. The hearings are conducted in a large meeting room. Hearings take place in Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island, North Platte and Gering, Nebraska. The meetings are public, so you will have an opportunity to see and hear other debtors testify before it is your turn.

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